We are fortunate to have featured some top peeps' in modern pop culture; Epic Records A&R Executive Aaron Reid, Celebrity Life Coach Tony A. Gaskins Jr., and Grammy Nominated Dance Producer Bill Hamel. Check them out in the archive at the top.


Indie Music Bizz started out as a social networking tool on Twitter with a goal to liberate up and coming musicians who declared their independence in this ever evolving music industry.  We provide guidance to those who seek it.  We inspire those who need it.  Our quality network is our force.  Individually we are independent but “together we are major.”  Our platform is specifically tailored to musicians with ambitions to achieve greater success in the music industry.  Handling your own business is a demanding task and we know it.  Its amazing to know how many artists have separate roles, acting as manager, promoter, publicist, and even producer to name a few.  We hope that our followers will find helpful tips and encouraging insight that targets the high level development they seek.  You have to start somewhere.  Why not start here?

Go Indie!

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