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Bill Hamel

Billboard Chart Topper / Grammy Award-Nominated Producer Bill Hamel Dropping Knowledge


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Billboard Chart Topper and Grammy Award – nominated are just a couple of titles held by producer extraordinaire Bill Hamel but those titles alone say more than enough for any aspiring musician whose taking note.  We managed to catch up with BH in the mist of his busy schedule to get his take on the music industry today and his experiences along the way.

First thing, Bill wanted to let hungry producers know that part of his PRODUCTION RULE is to NOT MASTER MY OWN TRACKS, adding that he prefers to have a fresh pair of ears master it instead; someone whose specialty is mastering audio.  “I’ll usually hand my guy 2 or 3 example songs to make reference to.  People are always asking me for production tips.  There’s no one formula for a successful production, 2 + 3 = 5 but so does 4 + 1 (and so on).  Basically, it’s whatever works for you to achieve the sound you’re looking for.  I don’t think I’ve ever followed the same production methods ever.  TURNING KNOBS AND TRYING NEW THINGS USUALLY LEADS TO SOMETHING COOL.  It might not be the fastest way however if you have time constraints LOL.”  Furthermore, Bill Hamel gives more insight in a Q & A (see below).

Q & A

IMB:  You’ve composed Dance remixes for some top caliber artists in the industry, how did you discover that you could recreate virtually any song into a Dance track?—–>BH:  I guess that’s the DJ in me. I started off DJing before I was in producing and my favorite thing to spin were remixes.  I love dropping a version of records that everyone knew but hadn’t heard.  Especially if the original was a non dance track.

IMB:  Who was the first known artist that you remixed?—–>BH:  A UK Dance band called Secret Life, the song was “She Holds the Key.”  It was featured on DJ Sasha & Digweed’s Renaissance Mix Compilation which was what made me want to get into DJing originally.

IMB:  You’ve been apart of the Dance/Techno genre for a long time, what do you think about Dubstep?—–>BH:  When it’s good it’s pretty dope (Skrillex for ex.), and then there’s the rest of it.  I keep thinking it’s on it’s way out but it keeps sticking around.  I do like a lot of the sub-genres that have spun off from it though.

IMB:  Is Dubstep the new Dance/ Techno?—–>BH:  Dubstep is the new dubstep 🙂

IMB:  When did you realize that you could have a career in music (making a living)?—–>BH:  About two years into the game.  I was making a couple hundred bucks a few times a week DJing in Central FL.  When you’re in your early twenties that’s a lot of cash.

IMB:  What is your instrument of choice?—–>BH:  I’d have to say electric piano.  You sit down with a good Rhodes Keyboard Patch and pretty much figure out everything you need to do from bass, chords, and riffs.

IMB:  A little over a decade ago till now, there’s been a steady increase of independent artists and producers.  We give all credit to “the single” as to why so many aspiring musicians have flooded the industry for refuge.  What would you say to anyone who’s focused on an easy paycheck by making a hit song?—–>BH:  Good Luck.  There’s not a lot of money in record sales anymore unless you’re in the upper echelon.  All of the money most artists make is in touring and gigging.  Even for the A-list superstars.

IMB:  What is one of the most important lessons that you’ve learned in your early days of the music business?—–>BH:  NO ONE WILL HUSTLE FOR YOU AS HARD AS YOU WILL.  You have to make things happen yourself.  You have to keep putting your foot in as many doors as possible until something happens.  If your music is on point and you hustle, something will happen.

IMB:  Who/What inspires you to keep making music?—–>BH:  The collaborations.  Nothing beats the high of working on a song with someone and that song taking shape and you both hearing it for the first time and you know it’s going to be something special … IMB

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