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Claim Your Independence

Musicians: Digital sales are the present and the future, Claim Your Independence!

In a period where  you (the artist) have options; why wait around for the major deal?  Record companies are rearranging their very own infrastructures to maintain relevance in today’s rapidly evolving music business.  The big names are NO LONGER NEEDED.  It’s time that artists take advantage of the opportunities laid out for them.  Thanks to digital distribution avenues like TuneCore for ex., artists can now TAKE THE MIDDLE MAN OUT OF THE EQUATION.  Publish your own music.  Own your rights and claim your independence! In-store sales are a thing of the past.  Most of the music today is sold digitally via iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc. Even more music is being streamed through the same companies (and other).  Although a major can amplify your campaign to a much larger audience, they will only do that for artists who have successfully launched their own campaigns with statistics that show promising signs of profit.  Where are these stats coming from? SOCIAL NETWORK PRESENCE.  Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  The music itself is not the core value anymore, sad but true.  Not to say that talent isn’t important because it is; however, we live in a ALL ACCESS WEB-BASED SOCIETY.  What that means is that we all have the ability to go search for whoever we admire in the entertainment world.  The acts that have a steady and current social network presence are more likely to flourish, while the acts who are harder to find over the internet are less likely to GO VIRAL. #More2Follow #ClaimYourIndependence #GoIndie #IMB #IndieMusicBizz As Advertised on Twitter

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