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Cherae Leri’

Cherae Leri Mirage

A Lesson On Development with Cherae Leri’

Genre:  Neo Soul / Pop / Jazz / R & B      Region:  International      http://www.cheraeleri.com

Current Release:  Mirage (featured on “Indie Favorites on Soundcloud”)

Cherae Leri’ has been doing her homework.  This won’t be your traditional feature because it seems that everyone wants to know, Who is Cherae Leri’?  All the blogs seem to have her covered so we decided to take a different approach.   We first received her files via email and inside was the photo of her crouched down (picture above).  Undeniably one of the hottest pics that’s come across our network.  We reviewed her track “Mirage” and it’s up to date (relevant) with the industry sound of today.  However, what we want to highlight about Cherae Leri’ is her countless mentoring sessions with both well known and unknown musicians.

Development is a lost art in the music industry.  It is the single most unique process that major labels took pride in that is practically nonexistent in a saturated independent music business.  Yes, with today’s technology, a nobody can record a hot song and become an internet sensation with a few million clicks to view; however, one aspect that self proclaimed artists cannot create without experience is development.  We reached out to Cherae Leri’ to get her thoughts on artist development and mentors.  Checkout what she had to say:

“Having an experienced mentor is valuable to me because I believe in learning something new everyday.  I’ll never reach a point in my career where I know everything about singing, acting, or modeling. I believe it’s important for any up and coming artist to have a mentor rather it be someone from the entertainment industry or not.  One of my mentors in the industry is Erykah Badu, she is an amazing soul and well rounded in a lot of areas.  I’ve asked her a lot of questions about the industry and her feedback has always been real and unscripted; overall honest”.  – Cherae Leri’

We agree with Cherae Leri’ 100% percent.  Constructive criticism pertaining solely to the development of an artist’s career.  Think of it like this; it has always been easier to see the playing field and all it encompasses from the sky box, the eye that oversees.  It’s not that artists don’t know how to be themselves (not at all); however, there was a time when discretion was strongly advised on what to and what not to do, what group of people to absorb energy from, which producers compliment your sound, and finally, helping an artist hone in on their most marketable attributes.  Instead of figuring out who you are, figuring out who you’re not may do you just.

IMB: What factors helped you develop your best attributes?  Cherae Leri’ replied, “Struggle in my own personal life rather it be from relationships or family related.  My struggles have contributed to my best attribute which is my passion in my song writing as well as my delivery”.

There will definitely be more to follow on this topic of artist development. $$

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