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Road to Greatness

Husband, father, author, motivational speaker, and life coach are all roles that demand a great deal of time, responsibility, and adversity.  Of course, these roles require much more to be successful at any one of them; yet, Florida native Tony A. Gaskins Jr. is all of these plus one more.  He’s now added Spoken Word Artist to his repertoire.  His debut album release is titled “Greatness,” which features seven tracks of passionate words spoken by Gaskins to both liberate and uplift his listeners, in other words to inspire and motivate.  “I want to inspire people to push for greatness and refuse to be mediocre.  It’s my hope that people will be inspired to tap into their natural gifts and turn those gifts into a living,” says Gaskins.

image1Gaskins made his way into the homes of the many in 2009 when he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Tyra Banks Show to tell a portion of his life story.  He was also there to promote his first book “What Daddy Never Told His Little Girl”.  Since then, Tony has completed six books, plus workshops, and life for Gaskins has spiraled into a righteous self-employed business with a whopping thirty million reach per week that continues to expand day in and day out.  With that in mind, the fact that Gaskins already has a solid foundation and an effective method to touch so many people then why make an album??

“The fact that no one else has my unique gift inspired me to fill that void in the world.  Others have done it, but no one can do me better than me.  So I’m inspired to be the best I can be in every area.  I want to impact the world in every avenue of media possible,” Says Tony.

His debut album is already available throughout every digital distribution outlet (i.e iTunes, Rhasody, Google Play, etc).  When asked about his goals for this endeavor, Gaskins humbly answers, “My only goal was to complete the album and release it.  After that, all else is a plus.”  His message has always been most important.  Tony often times speak to people, encouraging them to use their gift.  “Your gift is what you do that not everyone else can do (or what you do really well).  It could literally be anything.  Everyone has something, even if it’s just listening to or supporting others.  That’s a gift!  Identify that gift, make a business of it and earn a living from it.”

(Q&A with Tony A. Gaskins Jr. Below)

IMB:  On your album, you were speaking over instrumental tracks.  Who are some producers and engineers that you worked with on the project?  TG:  I worked with The Colleagues exclusively, a Central Florida based production group.

IMB:  Are you targeting any specific age and/or group of people on your album?  TG:  I’m targeting black men ages 18-30.

IMB:  You’re in your own lane of course with everything that you represent and the message that you convey; however, who are some notable speakers that you look up to?  TG:  Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn

IMB:   What’s your favorite track on the album and why?   TG:  Track 7 (Greatness). Many people confuse greatness. I see greatness as being well-rounded and balanced. A rich man or the best athlete isn’t fest to me if they don’t have a good marriage and raise their kids right. So greatness represents my wholistic view of what greatness really is.

Everyone has a gift.  If you’re worried about what your peers will think and/or say about your gift then you may want to reconsider who you associate with; because, at the beginning and the end of the day, it’ll be you looking in the mirror.  BE THE PERSON THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN YOUR REFLECTION.